Shishi-gashira(Lion heads), masks, shrine frames

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  • Mask3 months

  • Shrine foreheads4 months

  • Lion heads5 months

Shishi-gashira(Lion heads), masks, shrine frames, etc,
We will restore them to their original beautiful appearance while maintaining their texture.

We breathe life back into ornaments filled with the feelings of our predecessors, We restore with sincerity and care.

We aim to preserve traditional Japanese performing arts through the restoration of cultural properties,
We aim to contribute to the cultural inheritance through the restoration of cultural properties.

Kagura Kobo Hashimoto is one of the few workshops in Japan that restore cultural properties.
We restore cultural assets such as masks used in local traditional performing arts, as well as temple and shrine plaques.

We also accept restoration projects subsidized by the government, so please feel free to contact us.

For example, by restoring
It can be beautifully reborn like this

By means of mask restoration techniques and techniques using lacquer,
We restore cultural properties that are cracked, missing, crushed, or peeled off
We restore them to the beautiful state they were in when they were completed.

Cracks, chips, and losses


Peeling and crushing

From the following people we have received requests from the following people"

  • Fukushima Inari Shrine

    Inari-sama is very important to those who visit the shrine and is loved by many.
    We are sure that the restoration of the Inari Shrine will make Inari-sama happy and help protect the community in the future.
    Thank you very much.
    Contents of restoration
    Two white fox statues of Inari. After repairing the cracks, the statues were repainted with shell white powder.

  • Dear Mr. Wakaren Matsuoka

    I am very happy with the new look. We, the young generation of Tsukioka, would like to take good care of it so that we can pass it on to the next generation.
    Contents of restoration
    Repainting and reapplication of gold leaf to the gables of the taiko drum stand, kengyo, and the carvings on the balustrade.

  • Ena Suwa Shrine Culture Preservation Society

    After the restoration, I feel that the awareness of the children dancers has changed.
    We would like to continue to preserve the tradition while focusing on training successors.
    Contents of restoration
    Repainting of the lion's head and restoration of all feathers, etc.

I will restore it with great care.

Atsushi Hashimoto

People return to their hometowns because of the festivals, and even take time off from their studies or work to participate in the festivals.
I believe it is because of the charm of the hometown festivals.
Through the restoration of tools used in traditional performing arts, including intangible folk cultural assets, we hope to help pass on traditions through festivals, culture, and faith, and to bring smiles to the faces of local people involved in the traditional arts.

Shishi-gashira(Lion heads), masks, shrine frames, etc, We will restore them to their original beautiful appearance while maintaining their texture.

We breathe life back into ornaments filled with the feelings of our predecessors,
We restore with sincerity and care.

Flow of restoration
from acceptance to delivery

  • 03
  • Approx. 2~3 months
  • 08


Contact us through the quotation form.

Please provide detailed information such as the condition of damage and size.
Attaching photos will allow us to provide a more detailed estimate.



Contact from us.

We will provide you with an estimate, delivery date, and information on how to proceed.
We may also ask you additional questions about the condition of your restoration.




Please bring or mail your restoration to us.
The mailing address will be provided at the time of "(02) Contact from us


Status check

Status check of the restoration

We will inspect the original object and confirm the specific details of the restoration.
We will then inform you of the exact restoration cost and delivery date."


Start repair

Start of repair

We repair with sincerity using traditional techniques.


Confirmation of progress

Confirmation of progress

You can see the restoration in person or we will send you images to check the restoration.



Finishing touches

Once you've reviewed the progress of the restoration, we will proceed with the finishing touches.


Packing and returning

Packing and returning

We will carefully pack the product and hand it over to you.


QIs there anything that cannot be repaired?
Items made of metal cannot be repaired (though plating of partial components, etc., can be performed).
QQ. Do you offer partial restoration?
Yes, but it is more expensive than a full restoration.
QQ. How long does it take?
We would appreciate it if you could allow approximately 2 to 3 months for us to take care of it
QQ. Do you have a service area?
We can handle all areas of Japan.
QQ. When should I send the actual item?
Once you are satisfied with the quotation, please send the item(s) to us.
QAbout the shiping cost.
When sending the items to us, the shipping costs will be borne by the customer.
We will pay for the shipping costs to send the restoration to you after it is finished.
QPayment method / deadline
Payment is only accepted by bank transfer. Bank transfer fees are to be borne by the customer. Payment deadlines vary depending on the customer's situation (*Restoration through government subsidized projects, etc.), so please consult with us.

Quotation of repairs

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